Technical services for customized welding machines


With a team of highly qualified employees, F.I. Automazione delivers a fast solution to your challenges. To solve problems flexibly, we use the latest technology and exhaust all possibilities. As a manufacturer of standard and special machines for various industries, we competently accompany you from the idea to the start of series production and are available to you at any time with our service.


The design of welding machines is a complex process that requires extensive technical expertise in areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer programming. FI Automazione’s design services involve the development of customized welding machines that are tailored to the specific needs of the client. This includes the selection of appropriate components, the creation of 3D models, and the use of simulation software to optimize the design.

Development support

During the development phase, F.I. Automazione works side by side with its clients to ensure that the welding machines meet their requirements. This involves the creation of prototypes, testing, and validation to ensure that the machines are reliable, safe, and efficient. The company’s engineers use a variety of tools and technologies to support this process, including 3D printing, computer-aided design (CAD) software, and simulation tools.

After-sales support

Once the welding machines have been installed, F.I. Automazione provides post-sales support to ensure that they continue to operate at optimal levels. This includes maintenance services to prevent breakdowns and repairs in case of failure. The company’s engineers are available to provide technical assistance and training to operators in case of need.

Set-up service

The set-up service provided by F.I. Automazione includes installation of the machinery on site, training for operators, and assistance during the initiation phase. This ensures that the welding machines are properly set up and that the client’s staff is trained to use them. The company’s engineers also provide troubleshooting support in case of issues.

What make us special

Whether you're looking for a specific welding machine or a complete automation system, Fi Automazione has the expertise and resources to deliver the solution that's right for you.
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